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Some X-CON News - xconberlin2009
X-Files Convention from Philes for Philes
Some X-CON News
Dear Philes,

after abundantly consideration - and this decision wasn't easy for us - we have decided to not conduct an X-Con in 2010.

"Why", you might be wondering.

You may have noticed how long the evaluation of the past con takes and we are not even close to have finished.
In order to finance and conduct another con we would have had started yet with the planning phase. Yes, it takes at least one year to get everything started and to organize. Because the three of us (and also our supporters) had to cope the organization once again besides our actual jobs, it would mean a second year in a row with like no spare time. Furthermore, we will be even more busy in our jobs due to various reasons. Therefore, a reasonable planning would be hardly implementable which is the reason why we had to decide against the X-Con 2010.

Of course we take your suggestions and critics serious! And especially because of this we do not want to disappoint anyone by doing the next con unreasonably. We are deeply distressed that we had to make that decision and we would gladly do the con. However, above-mentioned reasons just force the opposite. In addition, there would be a tremenduous higher financial effort to make for guests and rooms which had to be - once again - prefinanced by a private person. The amount would be higher than the last time.

So, one thing affects the other. Therefore, we are asking for your understanding.

In order to cut the waiting time until a possible next con (and believe us, we continue to look for a solution to organize a second con), we would like to organize at least a Phile gathering in 2010.
Until now, we have thought about meeting in a city for a weekend or three days. The city will be chosen by election. We would commit a sightseeing tour, have a meal together and rent a cinema to watch both movies.

At least that is the rough plan.
We will be releasing further info on this on our various platforms some time soon.

Of course, Philes from abroad are hearty welcome as well!

We hope this gathering will ease you a bit for the cancellation. As already mentioned, it is tough for us as well.

Hoping all of you had a good and healthy turn of year, we wish you a positive and successful course of 2010!

Your Organizational Team

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